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This classification can also be used for other tasks such as predicting the type of incoming bugs for an improved bug handling process. For example, if a bug is found to be of Type 4 then it New --- vt(1) only shows correct modesetting / resolution after quitting X (and returning to vty) 2015-09-25 203321: Base System kern bugs New --- 11-CURRENT uninterruptible sleep in wineserver process : 2020-02-09 206005: Base System bin bugs New --- Firefox's updater has a bug where a portable or secondary install of Firefox will overwrite the locally installed Firefox's registry settings when version update is performed. It appears this bug was introduced within the last few point releases of Firefox 2.x. It's filed as Bug 406335 within Bugzilla. Please vote for this bug if you have a Bugzilla account. Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; rv:6.0.2) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/6.0.2 Reproducible ever since Firefox 6.0.2 - when using the STR from Comment 5 I get errors like: "M0b is not a function" and the demo gets stuck with a Blank Screen that says 0% speed. Not sure the provided demo is supported on Firefox 5.0.2 or on Firefox 4.0.1 - I get the errors that "e is not a function" and "element is not New --- [FUSEFS] fuse(4) writes from aio(4) don't set the fuse_out_header.pid field correctly : 2019-04-15 238197: Base System kern asomers New --- [FUSEFS] fusefs supports neither chflags(2) not stat.st_birthtim : 2019-08-25 238340: Base System kern asomers New

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