Analysis of /u/btcthwy's blocks : Bitcoin

Analysis of /u/btcthwy's blocks

I am a "block chain archaeologist" - that is, I look at old bitcoin blocks and link them together to find miners. Using this method, we can predict how many bitcoins were mined by early miners including Satoshi Nakamoto, Hal Finney, Dustin Trammell, etc.
I have previously identified btcthwy (former designation BSE-2800) as having solved blocks 2800 (spent), 2815, and 2816 (spent). It is possible, but unlikely, that he also solved 2848 and 2984.
BSE-3182 is apparently also btcthwy, having solved 3182 (spent), 3192, and 3194 (spent). He may also be responsible for 3208 and 3215.
In the above graph, all blocks from 2800 to 3400 are plotted by extraNonce. Green blocks are btcthwy's blocks, orange blocks are likely to be his but not for certain, and gray blocks are everyone else's blocks.
The solid diagonal lines in the chart are blocks found by Satoshi Nakamoto. The slanted, less solid lines are other early adopters, including Finney and Trammell, but also some unidentified cypherpunks. The noise at the bottom are miners that are coming and going frequently; the people coming to see what the fuss is about, and usually leaving.
Just thought I'd share this, it's cool to finally identify new early adopters :)
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[index] [29124] [13340] [6756] [12609] [1967] [27999] [1150] [6298] [25476] [11818]

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