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Verify that two copies of a file are the same?

EDIT: Decided to just use Beyond Compare to do a binary comparison of the data on both drives. It was inexpensive, stupid easy and fast enough for my usage. I'm aware theres ways to automate this and do it more efficiently but I dont have the time to mess around and learn things in Linux and due to network limitations a NAS is out of the question. Thanks for the suggestions and thanks to u/Hoardy_Lizard for pointing me to Beyond Compare.
I own two 6 TB HDD's, to store my media collection. One is a backup that has been stored away, the other is in my Win10 machine and is used semi frequently. The idea has been to every six month or so update the backup drive and swap it out for the in use drive, and putting the prior in use drive into storage, so that both drives see roughly the same amount of usage. This has worked ok over the years, despite being a clunky solution.
Anyway I recently bought two 12 TB drives and would like to move a copy of my collection onto each drive essentially keeping the same system but with larger drives. My question is what drive do I copy from? I don't know how to check the two sets of data against each other to see if either set is corrupted or anything. Is there a program I can use two just compare the two sets of data?
A buddy of mine has talked about linux and his nas having features to automatically check file integrity but none of that stuff is really an option for me. I just need something simple I can do in win10 preferably in a GUI.
Sorry for such a noob question but my googling wasn't yielding anything that looked simple enough for my application, I don't know much about this stuff.
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MAME 0.221

MAME 0.221

Our fourth release of the year, MAME 0.221, is now ready. There are lots of interesting changes this time. We’ll start with some of the additions. There’s another load of TV games from JAKKS Pacific, Senario, Tech2Go and others. We’ve added another Panorama Screen Game & Watch title: this one features the lovable comic strip canine Snoopy. On the arcade side, we’ve got Great Bishi Bashi Champ and Anime Champ (both from Konami), Goori Goori (Unico), the prototype Galun.Pa! (Capcom CPS), a censored German version of Gun.Smoke, a Japanese location test version of DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, and more bootlegs of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Final Fight, Galaxian, Pang! 3 and Warriors of Fate.
In computer emulation, we’re proud to present another working UNIX workstation: the MIPS R3000 version of Sony’s NEWS family. NEWS was never widespread outside Japan, so it’s very exciting to see this running. F.Ulivi has added support for the Swedish/Finnish and German versions of the HP 86B, and added two service ROMs to the software list. ICEknight contributed a cassette software list for the Timex NTSC variants of the Sinclair home computers. There are some nice emulation improvements for the Luxor ABC family of computers, with the ABC 802 now considered working.
Other additions include discrete audio emulation for Midway’s Gun Fight, voice output for Filetto, support for configurable Toshiba Pasopia PAC2 slot devices, more vgmplay features, and lots more Capcom CPS mappers implemented according to equations from dumped PALs. This release also cleans up and simplifies ROM loading. For the most part things should work as well as or better than they did before, but MAME will no longer find loose CHD files in top-level media directories. This is intentional – it’s unwieldy with the number of supported systems.
As usual, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page. This will be the last month where we use this format for the release notes – with the increase in monthly development activity, it’s becoming impractical to keep up.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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MAME 0.221

MAME 0.221

Our fourth release of the year, MAME 0.221, is now ready. There are lots of interesting changes this time. We’ll start with some of the additions. There’s another load of TV games from JAKKS Pacific, Senario, Tech2Go and others. We’ve added another Panorama Screen Game & Watch title: this one features the lovable comic strip canine Snoopy. On the arcade side, we’ve got Great Bishi Bashi Champ and Anime Champ (both from Konami), Goori Goori (Unico), the prototype Galun.Pa! (Capcom CPS), a censored German version of Gun.Smoke, a Japanese location test version of DoDonPachi Dai-Ou-Jou, and more bootlegs of Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Final Fight, Galaxian, Pang! 3 and Warriors of Fate.
In computer emulation, we’re proud to present another working UNIX workstation: the MIPS R3000 version of Sony’s NEWS family. NEWS was never widespread outside Japan, so it’s very exciting to see this running. F.Ulivi has added support for the Swedish/Finnish and German versions of the HP 86B, and added two service ROMs to the software list. ICEknight contributed a cassette software list for the Timex NTSC variants of the Sinclair home computers. There are some nice emulation improvements for the Luxor ABC family of computers, with the ABC 802 now considered working.
Other additions include discrete audio emulation for Midway’s Gun Fight, voice output for Filetto, support for configurable Toshiba Pasopia PAC2 slot devices, more vgmplay features, and lots more Capcom CPS mappers implemented according to equations from dumped PALs. This release also cleans up and simplifies ROM loading. For the most part things should work as well as or better than they did before, but MAME will no longer find loose CHD files in top-level media directories. This is intentional – it’s unwieldy with the number of supported systems.
As usual, you can get the source and 64-bit Windows binary packages from the download page. This will be the last month where we use this format for the release notes – with the increase in monthly development activity, it’s becoming impractical to keep up.

MAME Testers Bugs Fixed

New working machines

New working clones

Machines promoted to working

Clones promoted to working

New machines marked as NOT_WORKING

New clones marked as NOT_WORKING

New working software list additions

Software list items promoted to working

New NOT_WORKING software list additions

Source Changes

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I work for Styx Taxis, I drive souls to the afterlife...I just picked up a familiar face.

Do something for me, will ya? I want you to think back to when you were a kid, think back to those innocent days when the world was your oyster and you could be anything you wanted. Tell me what was that anything? What was your dream job as a child? Most people will say a football player, an actor, a world-famous musician, maybe even an astronaut. Well, not me. I wanted to be a cab driver. I was obsessed with being a taxi driver, I had toy taxis and a taxi costume including a cabbie hat, I even had a bed that was shaped like a taxi instead of a racecar! I drove my parents crazy with my obsession but I was a kid from Brooklyn growing up in the big city surrounded by yellow cabs, I’m not sure why I loved them so much but ever since my Pops brought my brother Vince and me in a cab to a Net’s game when we were younger I knew what I wanted to do with my life.
“Taxies are disgusting, Freddie why the hell do you like them? They smell like liquor and look like Grandma’s wrinkly butt” Vince would say to me, he had a way with words but whatever way that was it wasn’t the right one. Nobody could understand my love of taxis but that was okay they didn’t need to, I loved the thought of driving through the city and meeting new people every single day, sure many taxis were filthy but mine wouldn’t be...or so I thought when I was 8. Vince, however, had much more ambitious goals.
“Me? I’m going to play for the Jets. I’ll be the best Tight End the NFL will ever see”
Vince was pretty great at football, he even went on to play some college ball but he always reached for the stars with his dreams and that could make failure hurt so much more. I was more realistic in my goals from a young age, I couldn’t kick snow off a rope and I could barely throw a ball from one side of the road to the other, being a taxi driver was a dream but unlike most of all of your dreams when you were all kids, mine was doable.
I received my yellow cab certification when I turned 21 making me a lot younger than my co-workers who were usually in their 40s. I worked for over 8 years as a taxi driver and I never once regretted it bar two robberies at gunpoint and a handful of casually racist remarks from tourists or some freshmen on Wall Street who wanted to know if they can say the n-word since their friend in college said he was cool with it. Eventually, though my time as a cab driver came to end...well my driving of the living came to an end anyway. Now I drive souls to the afterlife for the Styx Taxis cab company. Every day I bring multiple souls to the Great Divide where judgement is made against them to decide if they go to Paradise or Damnation. I hear many stories on the clock, people begging to be given another chance or sobbing for forgiveness but I’m just the driver, the car makes the judgement and the car is never wrong.
My day starts like anybody else’s, my alarm goes off at around 6.30 am, I shower, brush my teeth, get my clothes on - usually a pair of black skinny jeans, a loose tee, some Air Force Ones and my Grampa’s brown suede jacket he gave to me in his will - and I will usually grab something to eat from a drive-thru Starbucks once I’m out on the road. My alarm didn’t go off today but thankfully my body jolted me awake before 7, this meant no breakfast and I was behind on at least one passenger though on a good day I could get through three before 8.30, this would hurt my place on the standings but if I worked effectively I could make up the lost points.
My first passenger was a Charles Monroe, a 45-year-old stockbroker who died from a coke overdose after partying too much during a promotion party. At least he was a Jets fan. It took me around fifteen minutes to reach him, he was sitting on a bench in his clothes from the night before, if the coke didn’t kill him that hangover would have. I pulled up and the backdoor opened for him. The crossing over process had begun.
“Charles Monroe?” I asked knowing damn well I had the right guy.
“Yeah...who’s asking. What the hell is going on, why am I stuck here?” he replied while slurring some words.
“You’re dead buddy, bit too fond of the charlie there...Charlie. I’m here to pick you up and bring you to your eternal resting place. Get in” I said. The emotions of people when they are told they have died can range from anger to sadness to in some cases jubilation though that is usually due to a sense of smugness that they were right about an afterlife existing.
“Fuck off” he shouted at me while spitting at my car, his dirty grey phlegm landing on my passenger side window cleaning some dust off of it, it was safe to say Charlie’s fell into the former category, he was pretty angry.
“I’m not fucking dead, I’m fucking invincible”
You often got these types of people, usually rich white guys. They genuinely buy the bullshit they were sold about dying peacefully in their bed surrounded by loved ones even though they knew full well that no one loved them.
“Nah bro, you are absolutely dead, here look I’ll show you.” As I replied I began to pull some pictures up on my iPad and cast them to the screen attached to my passenger side mirror, as I scrolled through the array of pictures the reality of the situation began to dawn on Mr.Monroe.
“See there’s you face down in a pool of your own vomit, there’s you being zipped up in a bodybag, there is your mother Margaret identifying your body at the morgue...ignore that last picture that’s my Greyhound ‘Rufus’ not sure how that got in there”
The tough bravado wasted away as Charles fell to the floor and burst into tears, he continued to do that for another few minutes - taking more time off my schedule - before I decided it was time to get a move on.
“Look, dude, I know this is a shock for you and all but there is no changing it. It’s science, what's dead is dead. Your energy is being used for something else now so hop in and we will bring you to wherever you are meant to spend eternity. Paradise or Damnation.”
He lifted his head to look me in the eyes, his tears caused his deep blue eyes to shine immensely bright in the blistering sunlight. He wiped his tears from his face and took four deep breaths to compose himself.
“I’m not going with you, not a chance. I will fight this, I have gotten out of worse situations” he said, his air of invincibility only momentarily shattered.
“I can promise you that you haven’t. You better come with me because the second that door shuts it’s over you don’t get second chances.” I responded mostly hoping for him to get in so I could add some points to my tally but also because I knew the punishment of disobedience.
“Close your damn door, see if I care” were the famous last words of the jackass.
“Okay, suit yourself” I replied while exhaling loudly, I pressed the large red x button beside the radio and the door slammed shut, once that happened his fate was sealed a lightning bolt shot down from the sky and he slowly dissipated right in front of my eyes, he screamed and begged for help and even tried to bargain with me to get the door open but the door can’t open once it has been closed. There are no second chances.
Charles Monroe paid the price of disobedience, his soul was zapped and sent to NULL, a plane of existence outside of all other realms, NULL is an empty grey room with no directions. No up, down, left or right. To meet another soul in NULL is about as unlikely as anything, odds don’t go that high. This is where Mr.Monroe would spend the rest of his eternal life. NULL was quite literally a fate worse than hell.
They say all things are binary, they are either a 0 or a 1. They are or they aren’t.
NULL was -1.
That little escapade took even more precious time away from me, when a new passenger request popped up on my screen I accepted in an instant and sped to the pickup point. My second passenger of the day was a Ms.Melina Cortez, a 28-year-old mother of one who had died in a drink-driving incident, the child’s father was not involved if you wanted some good news. When I arrived Melina was sitting on a bench, her knees pointing in and her arms wrapped tightly around herself, she looked scared but also like she knew what had happened to her.
“Hey there, Melina. How are you doing? I’m Freddie, I'm your driver today, I’ll be bringing you to the afterlife” I calmly said to her as the backside door opened once more. She did not respond to me, no questions about who I was or what was happening. Nothing, she just stood up with her head down and took her seat in the back of my cab. I decided to take my foot slightly off the pedal for a few moments to slow our trip and allow her time to cope but she wouldn’t have much, she would need to speak or the judgement would be made for her. After five minutes of cruising, I broke the silence.
“You know I’ve driven some celebs, I’m legally not allowed say who but fun fact those people who post memes about them all in Paradise are going to be sorely disappointed when they die”
She lifted her head and smirked, the best I could ask for given the situation and I had an opening so I continued on.
“Listen, Melina, I know it is tough for you but you need to tell your story, your life, your successes and your failures and any transgressions you may have cause it’s your best chance of getting into Paradise”
“I know it’s tough but you have t-” “I’m not getting into Paradise,” she said matter of factly cutting me off in the process.
“I’ve done horrible things, any God with even a little sense of respect would know not to let me in”
“What have you done, Melina?” I asked bewildered by the emotionless tone in her statements.
“Oh you know, you got your little screen there with my name on it. I can see it from back here. Just look through my file.” she said while placing her head onto the window and staring out into the abyss.
“Actually I don’t know. This file is filled with the bare minimum I need to convince someone I’m not some fraudster. It has your name, the names of family and loved ones, how you died, some miscellaneous pictures and a list of hobbies, sometimes I don’t get anything bar a location. I know how you died but I know little of the circumstances bar the fact it was a drink-driving accident with one car involved so I would guess you were driving, that is bad Melina but no one else was hurt, I’ve seen people survive Damnation for doing a lot worse.” I responded to her factually, another rule of the job. I couldn’t lie to the passengers.
“I wasn’t even drunk” she responded before a whistle went off, this whistle was the car notifying me and our passenger that they were telling a lie. The whistle was a sort of smug ‘hih hoo’ sound similar to a phone notification, the smugness of the sound often got under the skin of passengers causing them to blurt out truths or half-truths.
“The car says you are lying, Melina. This car has been imbued with the power of an Old One it can tell what is true and what is false.” I ensured her, hoping it would stop any further lying but knowing from past experiences it would not.
“Okay, I had a bottle of wine but I’ve driven drunk before it wasn’t the drink that caused the crash. It was the percs...and my rage. I just couldn’t think straight then I saw the tree and knew what had to be done” she replied, this time to no whistle. She killed herself, why?
“I’m sure the cops have already rang the bastard and told him about everything that happened, my only regret is not getting to see his face when they tell him. The son of a bitch”
“Who are you talking about, Melina? What did you do?” I responded
“Jorge, my boyfriend, Marlon’s father. That son of a bitch, he caused it all, when he eventually eats lead from one of those girls’ fathers he for sure as hell won’t be going to Paradise, no need to even question him” she responded.
“What did you do to Jorge, Melina? Is he hurt, did you hurt him?” I replied, each response from the woman further bewildering me.
“Oh he’s hurting that’s for sure,” she responded before bursting into tears.
“The bastard was fucking underage girls!”
“I found texts and pictures, oh God so many sick fucking pictures, the stuff he would say to these...these kids, these 14 and 15-year-old girls it would make you sick, they did make me sick. I was sent into a haze, I didn’t know how to react so I just drank and drank glasses of white wine, washing down the percocets with it.” she had stopped crying and was now on her knees leaning forward and pushing her face and hands up on the partition window separating us.
“I knew what I had to do, I had to protect myself but most of all I had to protect my son, I couldn’t let that fucking pervert go anywhere near him ever again so I did what needed doing”
I had now taken my eyes off the road and turned to look Melina in the eye, her crazed stare transfixed on me, my heart was in my throat as I struggled to ask her the question I felt I already had the answer to.
“What needed doing, Melina?”
She smiled at me with a wide grin from ear to ear, her blue lips stuck together not allowing her teeth to bare themselves to me.
“I took a pillow to my son in his sleep. It didn’t take long and he didn’t fight, he knew deep down that this was for his own good.”
I gripped the steering wheel tightly in both hands attempting to hide my anger, signs of emotion behind the wheel of a Styx Cab could see me terminated. I waited for the whistle of the car, I prayed the whistle would come...but it didn’t. I didn’t respond, I couldn’t respond, I needed to relax before I could, her next statement didn’t help.
“I protected my son as any mother would”, this time the whistle did sound, a statement too late sadly.
“The car disagrees and so do I. You killed your son, you murdered him in his sleep then you drove your car into a tree to save yourself the jail time. You could have turned Jorge in but you didn’t” I responded to her, the words barely dragging themselves out of my mouth through gritted teeth.
“Turn him in? You must be joking, he’d get 12 years at best. He’s a 30-year-old man he’d be back on the streets in his early 40s, plenty of time to get back to his sick work...plenty of time to abuse my beautiful boy” she responded, the words she spoke had such conviction, she truly believed she was right no matter what me, the car or anyone else said.
“So you murdered your son to protect him from abuse? That makes no sense” I replied my foot pressing down on the gas pedal at full force.
“I saved him,” she replied instantaneously before the car let out another loud whistle.
“I wouldn’t expect you or this piece of junk to understand that”
That was the last we spoke before reaching the gates of the Great Divide, I tipped my hat to Reginald the Gatekeeper and he lifted the barrier to let me through. We drove towards the fork in the road, two large stone doors blocking both paths, the doors had large runic patterns chiselled into them, they both looped and swirled around the stone faces, one pattern gold the other onyx. The door flung open on the car and Melina stepped out, we did not exchange goodbyes. As she walked to the doors the golden runes lit up and the door slowly opened, a warm beam of orange light beamed out from the road and she stepped into it, the door flung shut and her fate was sealed.
She was sent to Damnation.
The rest of my day was mostly uneventful, many old people going up or down, mostly down. I did have one interesting passenger named Laney Richards, she had caused her brother to fall from a tree at a young age confining him to a wheelchair for life, she had also gotten involved in the wrong crowd as a teenager and done some pretty minor shit like vandalism and breaking and entering. She bawled her eyes out when we arrived at the doors fully sure her fate was Damnation, them tears stopped unnaturally fast once I took a detour left through the Mariana Forest and out the other side to the tram to Nocturland, a type of purgatory where people can work to gain entry to Paradise. She had made some mistakes but she had mostly learned from them and her brother’s accident was exactly that, an accident. I’m not a betting man but I would be positive she would end up in Paradise sooner rather than later.
After a hard day's work, I drove to a McDonald’s to pick up a quick bite to eat and then drove to The Depot so I could clock in my points for the day and update my table standing, I also needed to pick up my paycheck. Once everything was sorted I threw my bag into my locker and grabbed my hat I had left there yesterday, I went to head back out to the car and finish for the day, however, the manager of The Depot, Mr.Anyew stopped me on the way out.
“Freddie, just the man I was looking for. We got another lost soul that needs transporting and I know you were complaining about missing out on some points the past while so I thought I’d give it to you especially since it’s on your way...of course, I can just give it to Grigor he’s in the rec room at the moment.”
Mentioning Grigor was a low blow, we were both at the top of the rankings and Mr.Anyew knew I wouldn’t say no if Grigor was the second option.
“Nah, it’s okay I can do it boss” I responded before putting my hat on and turning to leave. “Great, I just sent the details to your vehicle, enjoy!” I heard the large Eygptian bellow towards me as I walked out the front door.
I got to my car and checked the iPad for the details, only a location and a cause of death was given, this was pretty uncommon but it had happened a few times before, sometimes details got lost in the mix but thankfully you only needed a location, so I set off towards the pickup point to collect Mr Died From Gunshot Wounds.
The best thing about working for Styx was also the worst, you really never know who you might have to pick up on any given day, they could be interesting or horrible. They could truly be anyone, it is a real double-edged sword and when I arrived at the pickup point I was cut by the sword.
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From being PIP'd at a startup to leveling up into a FANG in four months.

When my manager sat me down in our 1:1 to deliver me the news that I was about to be put on a PIP the next week and to use the weekend to think what my next step should be, my initial reaction was to want to take it and save my job. I knew I've been in a bit of a slump, sleeping very poorly, and not outputting as much as I could have. But to be quite honest, this was a blessing in disguise.
The company I've been working at wasn't doing that well to begin with. We raised a series D in just under two years of existence and my options have quintupled in value since joining, but we've had regulational troubles and the hardware team has been slipping. Our CTO was fired four months after I joined, and our new CTO promised to double our engineering headcount by the end of last year. We've maybe only added 5 people to a team of 30 instead by that point. To that end, I've had multiple manager changes within that time period: a total of five managers and six manager changes all within 12 months. As this was my first job out of college, I thought this was all normal for a startup.
In addition, the pay was very low. For a new grad that didn't know better, like yours truly, that number was a lot for someone who was only ever paid hourly. But after discussing with friends that went onto working at FANGs and other, more established unicorn startups, it was abundantly clear that me and my fellow colleagues were severely underpaid. Like, over 50% lower in base salary alone underpaid for the same line of work and more stress.
The work itself wasn't that great either. It was a system that had to be supported globally with different rules in different countries and with physical hardware that we had little control over. Nobody left the office before dinner was served, and seldom did people start going home after dinner was finished (well, up until recently since people stopped giving fucks). We had almost no senior engineers either, most of the work was done by fresh grads or interns from top CS schools. We maybe had only four veteran IC's, but the rest of the "senior" staff were in management. Everyone else was a new grad or junior engineer. You wouldn't find anyone that had more than two years of experience in the rest of the crowd. It's fun to be around people my age, but the work was sloppy and stressful when shit broke because you're trying to build something with little guidance and your code reviewers are other new grads that are equally as experienced as yourself. Nobody (besides maybe three people) has ever coded in the framework we used, and everyone learned the language and framework right on the job. Our only training was a link to an official guide.
I'm not going to get into the company politics, but it's sufficient to say our Blind was so spicy to the point screenshots of several call-out threads were brought up in meetings and mentioned in all-hands. It was pretty bad.
But going back to me getting served a PIP. My manager gave me an ultimatum: either take the PIP, or take severance and interview for another company. Over that weekend, I thought really hard about all the things I've seen and done in the past year, and quite frankly, I found that I haven't been happy at that place for a while now. It doesn't make sense to try to save a job I wasn't going to be happy at, where I get paid peanuts, and where my contributions are invisible to upper management because the longest I've had the same manager for was two and a half months. I decided to take the severance and leave.
This gave me time to relax, exercise, enjoy hobbies I haven't done in months, and most importantly, spend time with family and friends I haven't been around with because of this job. Oh, I forgot to mention that the company moved headquarters halfway through my tenure and bumped my commute from 20 minutes to over an hour.
I haven't touched leetcode or interview prep materials in ages since joining, so I really only hit the books about two weeks after leaving. My daily routine would be to exercise in the day, eat a protein heavy meal, and study up leetcode into the night at a 24/7 cafe. I would usually do this with a buddy or two who are freelance developers. I also kept a spreadsheet of jobs I was interested in and updated their statuses in where I was at in the process, who the point of contact was, when the interview dates are, etc. I wanted to end up at a FANG company since their offices were much closer to where I lived and the culture there would help me grow more as an engineer. My process was that I started off with companies I didn't quite care about to practice interviewing, and then build up to places I did want to end up working at.
I slowly but steadily practiced coding problems, took my time to understand what the solutions were, and apply those skills onto other problems that came up. In reality, most programming problems you encounter are really just other problems in disguise, and you just need to know the fundamentals of CS to get through them. I'm sure everyone wants to know what my stats are, so here they are: 64 easy, 50 medium, 15 hard.
After a few months of practice and interviewing at companies I wasn't particularly interested in, I started applying for places that actually interested me. In the end, I got two offers and was able to negotiate with a FANG company that has an office 10 minutes away from my house. I not only nearly tripled my TC, but I also got leveled up to an L4. After being stuck in L3 for almost two years with shit pay, I am glad my patience and steady progress paid off.
My lessons learned in this whole experience:
As for my tips for the interview prep:
Most of my system design solutions came from experiences I've had and a lot were creative, open-ended questions. My advice is to be likeable to the interviewer and not BS your thought process. For some reason, system design is something that comes the most natural to me, so I sadly can't give much tips for studying on it besides seeing for yourself how current systems are built.
And in general, you should be likeable to the interviewer. Smile, ask them what they work on, what cool projects they've done at the company, what their work life balance is like, etc. You're interviewing for the company and you're interviewing the company for yourself. Your interviewer is judging on whether you'd be a good person to be around with for 8 hours and help contribute to solving their problems, and you're judging whether the company you're interviewing for will make you enjoy yourself being there.
Everyone's experience is unique and certainly not as relaxed as mine. I thankfully had enough savings to last me almost a whole year without a job, but I realize others might not be fortunate enough to have that luxury. It'll be hard, but worth it to study up in the evenings and then take days off to go to onsites. In the end, what matters most is your sanity and happiness.
Tl;dr: job sucked, I got PIP'd, quit, took time off, studied, interviewed, and accepted a FANG offer that tripled my pay in four months.
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The Tier H Tier List

So, I'm sure most of you have heard of the Ultimate Discord Crafting Tier List, a tier list of every single card in the game made by members of this subreddit's Discord server and organized by Justini1212. This tier list sorted the cards in PvZ Heroes by two categories, Playability and Flexibility.
The tier list is pretty nice, and the format is useful for checking whether cards are good or not. However, the tier list is already exactly a year old, and very outdated. Even though there have been no updates to the game, new decks have been discovered, and many cards like Cro-Magnolia and Vegetation Mutation are no longer accurate on the list.
The Tier 1 Tier List (which I actually helped to make) attempted to fix these problems, but at this point, that tier list is also outdated. In addition to this, it does not contain every card (we seem to have somehow missed a few while making the list), and many people felt that a lot of the card ratings were a bit weird, like Savage Spinach being rated at B Playability.
Justini has talked about how he wants to organize a second Discord tier list, but at the moment the channel where things like that are organized currently has a different project going on, and it is likely that it will be a long time before another tier list is even started. So, I decided to make my own tier list to help PvZH players know which cards are good to craft or recycle.
Now, obviously if this tier list was made by only me it would likely be filled with mistakes and my own personal bias, but it was not. I took a lot of the card ratings from the Ultimate Discord Crafting Tier List and the Tier 1 Tier List (mentioned above), and I also took feedback from experienced PvZ Heroes players on the Discord server. I decided to name this list "The Tier H Tier List", replacing the 1 in "The Tier 1 Tier List" with H because H is my favourite letter.
Like the other tier lists mentioned above, this tier list is based on two main criteria:

Category 1: Playability

How good is the card in the decks it fits in?
S: Best of the best. The card should probably get nerfed in the state it's currently in because it's just that good. You're going to play it all the time in the decks where it works.
A: Very strong. Not something you'd see nerfed, but still a very strong card that you want to play every time.
B: Good. A very strong option in the decks, but it can theoretically be gone without for one reason or another.
C: Decent. It can be worth playing, but there are reasons to drop it as well.
D: Bad. It's really not worth playing, though it at least has some merit one way or the other.
F: Terrible. There's absolutely no reason to play this card.

Category 2: Flexibility

How many decks can this fit in?
S: This is a good option in basically any deck of the class. Top tier crafting material.
A: This is a good option in at least 3 different decks.
B: This is a good option in at least 2 different decks.
C: This is a build around card that itself enables a deck, but doesn't really fit into anything else.
D: This is a good option in only one deck.
F: This card just doesn't have a deck where it fits in, either because it's just that outclassed by other cards for the deck it wants to be in, or because it wants to be part of a deck that simply doesn't exist.
Finally, since there are two key factors that these criteria do not cover, there are two extra modifiers that can be added onto each rating:
*: This is a tech card, and can move up or down significantly depending on whether or not you run into what it counters a lot.
#: This is a budget card, and moves up in the respective category if your resources are limited.
The list is sorted by flexibility, then by playability. Cards in the same tier are sorted by the order they appear in the game (so sorted by class, then cost, then name)
Without further ado, here is the tier list:!At0QUD8Co5MTlXqTPyjOmQFBZ4Fq
I put the tier list into an Excel file not only because you can copy-paste the list into your own spreadsheet if you want to sort it differently, but also because this makes it easier to edit. If you think I made an obvious mistake on some of the cards, leave a comment on this post and I might change it. If you still want the list in text form for some reason, here it is:

S Tier Flexibility

Galacta-Cactus - S
Bananasaurus Rex - S
Snapdragon - S
Ketchup Mechanic - S
Area 22 - S
Interstellar Bounty Hunter - S
Space Cowboy - S
Jugger-Nut - A
Blooming Heart - A
Berry Blast - A
Bonk Choy - A
Apple-Saucer - A
Quickdraw Con Man - A
Line Dancing Zombie - A

A Tier Flexibility

Tricarrotops - S
Garlic - A
Red Stinger - A
Black-Eyed Pea - A
Split Pea - A
Rotobaga - A
Astrocado - A
Cyborg Zombie - A
Teleportation Zombie - A
Genetic Experiment - A
Going Viral - A
Surprise Gargantuar - A
Elderberry - B#
Grow-Shroom - B
Moonwalker - B
Disco Dance Floor - B
Imposter - B
Fishy Imp - B

B Tier Flexibility

Corn Dog - A
Spikeweed Sector - A
Gatling Pea - A
Bog of Enlightenment - A
Supernova Gargantuar - A
Cool Bean - B*
Arm Wrestler - B#
Sumo Wrestler - B#
Sweet Pea - B
Lima-Pleurodon - B
Shellery - B
Sportacus - B
Dark Matter Dragonfruit - B
Lil' Buddy - B
Wing-Nut - B
Biodome Botanist - B
Extinction Event - B
Synchronized Swimmer - B
Loudmouth - B
Teleport - B
Wormhole Gatekeeper - B
Disco-Naut - B
Moon Base Z - B
Black Hole - B
Zombology Teacher - B
Zombie King - B
Fire Rooster - B
Pogo Bouncer - B
Poppin' Poppies - C
Lurch for Lunch - C
Regifting Zombie - C

C Tier Flexibility (Enables Decks)

Pecanolith - A
Vegetation Mutation - A
Onion Rings - A
Gadget Scientist - A
Headhunter - A
Headstone Carver - A
Captain Flameface - A
Three-Nut - B
Cro-Magnolia - B
Zombot Drone Engineer - B
Aerobics Instructor - B
Flag Zombie - B
Zombie Coach - B
Toxic Waste Imp - B
Mixed-Up Gravedigger - B
Astro-Shroom - C
Potted Powerhouse - C
Jelly Bean - C
Zookeeper - C
Ancient Vimpire - C
Team Mascot - C
Primeval Yeti - C
Cat Lady - D
Trickster - D
Valkyrie - D
Flamenco Zombie - D
Imp Commander - D

D Tier Flexibility

Haunted Pumpking - A
Plant Food - B#
Monkey Smuggler - B#
Forget-Me-Nuts - B
Shamrocket - B
Imitater - B
Cheese Cutter - B
Hover-Goat 3000 - B
Neutron Imp - B
Imp-Throwing Imp - B
Raiding Raptor - B
Tricorn - C#
Alien Ooze - C#
Chimney Sweep - C#
Hail-a-Copter - C#
Bungee Plumber - C#
Healthy Treat - C#
Rolling Stone - C#
Smoke Bomb - C#
Shroom for Two - C
Wild Berry - C
Veloci-Radish Hunter - C
Zapricot - C
Sonic Bloom - C
Clique Peas - C
Muscle Sprout - C
Apotatosaurus - C
Laser Cattail - C
Rescue Radish - C
Snake Grass - C
Primal Sunflower - C
Twin Sunflower - C
Magnifying Grass - C
Mustache Monument - C
Rocket Science - C
Unlife of the Party - C
Exploding Fruitcake - C
Quasar Wizard - C
Binary Stars - C
Jurassic Fossilhead - C
Cosmic Sports Star - C
Landscaper - C
Zombot Battlecruiser 5000 - C
Ice Pirate - C
Excavator Zombie - C
Trapper Zombie - C
Zombot Plank Walker - C
Wall-Nut - D
Banana Bomb - D
Admiral Navy Bean - D
Bird of Paradise - D
Eyespore - D
Sage Sage - D
Cosmic Flower - D
Goat - D
Fraidy Cat - D
Nibble - D
Zombie Yeti - D
Primordial Cheese Shover - D
Leprechaun Imp - D
Beam Me Up - D
Fun-Dead Raiser - D
Gargantuar Mime - D
Kitchen Sink Zombie - D
Barrel of Deadbeards - D
Meteor Z - D
Sugary Treat - D
Zombie's Best Friend - D
Disco Zombie - D
Planetary Gladiator - D
Knockout - D
All-Star Zombie - D
Intergalactic Warlord - D
Undying Pharaoh - D
Ducky Tube Zombie - D

F Tier Flexibility

Guacodile - B
Blockbuster - C*#
Primal Peashooter - C*#
Plantern - C#
Tough Beets - C#
Fire Peashooter - C#
Mars Flytrap - C#
Hot Date - C
Health-Nut - C
Marine Bean - C
Pear Cub - C
Banana Launcher - C
Turquoise Skull Zombie - C
Cryo-Yeti - C
Sting Bean - D#
Pismashio - D#
Pea-Nut - D#
Pea Pod - D#
Skyshooter - D#
Whipvine - D#
Cattail - D#
Cosmoss - D#
Morning Glory - D#
Bloomerang - D#
Power Flower - D#
Snorkel Zombie - D#
Surfer Zombie - D#
Kite Flyer - D#
Rodeo Gargantuar - D#
Mini-Ninja - D#
Space Pirate - D#
Stealthy Imp - D#
Photosynthesizer - D
Primal Potato Mine - D
Steel Magnolia - D
Cosmic Nut - D
Body-Gourd - D
Puff-Shroom - D
Gloom-Shroom - D
Half Banana - D
Party Thyme - D
Torchwood - D
Flourish - D
Moonbean - D
Typical Beanstalk - D
Banana Split - D
Spyris - D
Vanilla - D
Carrotillery - D
Shrinking Violet - D
Whack-a-Zombie - D
Aloesaurus - D
Cob Cannon - D
Dog Walker - D
Energy Drink Zombie - D
Hunting Grounds - D
Killer Whale - D
Pied Piper - D
Total Eclipse - D
Mondo Bronto - D
Gargantuar-Throwing Gargantuar - D
Interdimensional Zombie - D
Cosmic Scientist - D
Pool Shark - D
Parasol Zombie - D
Grave Robber - D
Trapper Territory - D
Zombot's Wrath - D
Zombie Middle Manager - D
Cone Zone - D
Buried Treasure - D
Graveyard - D
Laser Base Alpha - D
Zombie High Diver - D
Unthawed Viking - D
Poison Mushroom - F#
Poison Ivy - F#
Grape Responsibility - F
Potato Mine - F
Small-Nut - F
Cactus - F
Gardening Gloves - F
Grave Buster - F
Sea-Shroom - F
Water Chestnut - F
Hibernating Beary - F
Primal Wall-Nut - F
Pumpkin Shell - F
Spineapple - F
Force Field - F
Mirror-Nut - F
Prickly Pear - F
Starch-Lord - F
Doom-Shroom - F
Grizzly Pear - F
Smackadamia - F
Gravitree - F
Loco Coco - F
Soul Patch - F
Wall-Nut Bowling - F
Button Mushroom - F
High-Voltage Currant - F
Hot Lava - F
Reincarnation - F
Veloci-Radish Hatchling - F
Buff-Shroom - F
Fireweed - F
Seedling - F
Shelf Mushroom - F
Berry Angry - F
Cosmic Mushroom - F
Invasive Species - F
Mushroom Grotto - F
Mushroom Ringleader - F
Punish-Shroom - F
Strawberrian - F
Molekale - F
Pair of Pears - F
Pair Pearadise - F
Petal-Morphosis - F
Pineclone - F
Sergeant Strongberry - F
Sour Grapes - F
Transfiguration - F
Atomic Bombegranate - F
Bluesberry - F
Electric Blueberry - F
Lava Guava - F
Sizzle - F
Cherry Bomb - F
Dandy Lion King - F
Poison Oak - F
Grapes of Wrath - F
Kernel Corn - F
Banana Peel - F
Peashooter - F
Sweet Potato - F
Umbrella Leaf - F
Cabbage-Pult - F
Coffee Grounds - F
Doubled Mint - F
Lily of the Valley - F
Pea Patch - F
Captain Cucumber - F
Cosmic Pea - F
Fertilize - F
Grape Power - F
Repeater - F
The Podfather - F
Re-Peat Moss - F
Savage Spinach - F
Plucky Clover - F
Pod Fighter - F
The Red Plant-It - F
Bamboozle - F
Super-Phat Beets - F
Espresso Fiesta - F
Iceberg Lettuce - F
Lily Pad - F
Snowdrop - F
Weenie Beanie - F
Cosmic Bean - F
Grave Mistake - F
Lightning Reed - F
Pear Pal - F
Snow Pea - F
Sow Magic Beans - F
Chilly Pepper - F
Go-Nuts - F
Mayflower - F
Planet of the Grapes - F
Spring Bean - F
Bean Counter - F
Leaf Blower - F
Navy Bean - F
Winter Squash - F
Witch Hazel - F
Jolly Holly - F
Jumping Bean - F
Melon-Pult - F
Shooting Starfruit - F
Smoosh-Shroom - F
Threepeater - F
Brainana - F
Sap-Fling - F
Winter Melon - F
The Great Zucchini - F
Bellflower - F
Kernel-Pult - F
Sunflower - F
Fume-Shroom - F
Pepper M.D. - F
Sun-Shroom - F
Water Balloons - F
2nd-Best Taco of All Time - F
Jack O' Lantern - F
Mixed Nuts - F
Solar Winds - F
Sunflower Seed - F
Sunnier-Shroom - F
Venus Flytrap - F
Chomper - F
Heartichoke - F
Lawnmower - F
Metal Petal Sunflower - F
Sun Strike - F
Venus Flytraplanet - F
Briar Rose - F
Squash - F
Laser Bean - F
Smashing Pumpkin - F
Tactical Cuke - F
Three-Headed Chomper - F
Toadstool - F
Astro Vera - F
Cornucopia - F
Secret Agent - F
Skunk Punk - F
Yeti Lunchbox - F
Haunting Ghost - F
Haunting Zombie - F
Squirrel Herder - F
Dolphin Rider - F
Vimpire - F
Vitamin Z - F
B-flat - F
Cosmic Yeti - F
Kangaroo Rider - F
Overstuffed Zombie - F
Sneezing Zombie - F
Locust Swarm - F
Smashing Gargantuar - F
Vengeful Cyborg - F
Deep Sea Gargantuar - F
King of the Grill - F
Maniacal Laugh - F
Nurse Gargantuar - F
Octo Zombie - F
Zombot 1000 - F
Cardboard Robot Zombie - F
Mustache Waxer - F
Paparazzi Zombie - F
Cell Phone Zombie - F
Cryo-Brain - F
Evolutionary Leap - F
Transformation Station - F
Brain Vendor - F
Duckstache - F
Electrician - F
Gentleman Zombie - F
Medulla Nebula - F
Trick-or-Treater - F
Zom-Blob - F
Drum Major - F
Mad Chemist - F
Mountain Climber - F
Thinking Cap - F
Triplication - F
Copter Commando - F
Pirate's Booty - F
Portal Technician - F
Shieldcrusher Viking - F
Wizard Gargantuar - F
Bad Moon Rising - F
Zombot Dinotronic Mechasaur - F
Backup Dancer - F
Loose Cannon - F
Mystery Egg - F
Tennis Champ - F
Conga Zombie - F
Cuckoo Zombie - F
Final Mission - F
Newspaper Zombie - F
Space Ninja - F
Abracadaver - F
Exploding Imp - F
Fireworks Zombie - F
Gizzard Lizard - F
Jester - F
Unexpected Gifts - F
Cakesplosion - F
Cosmic Dancer - F
Orchestra Conductor - F
Stupid Cupid - F
Tanklyosaurus - F
The Chickening - F
Foot Soldier Zombie - F
Frankentuar - F
Gargantuar-Throwing Imp - F
Hippity Hop Gargantuar - F
Imp-Throwing Gargantuar - F
Disco-Tron 3000 - F
Gas Giant - F
Gargantuar's Feast - F
Baseball Zombie - F
Camel Crossing - F
Conehead - F
Escape Through Time - F
Gargologist - F
Leftovers - F
Terrify - F
Turkey Rider - F
Celestial Custodian - F
Lost Colosseum - F
Trash Can Zombie - F
Weed Spray - F
Bonus Track Buckethead - F
Buckethead - F
Medic - F
Stompadon - F
Chum Champion - F
Monster Mash - F
Screen Door Zombie - F
Coffee Zombie - F
Defensive End - F
Ra Zombie - F
Knight of the Living Dead - F
Wannabe Hero - F
Swabbie - F
Imp - F
Zombie Chicken - F
Barrel of Barrels - F
Dr. Spacetime - F
Frosty Mustache - F
Hot Dog Imp - F
Swashbuckler Zombie - F
Backyard Bounce - F
Cosmic Imp - F
Smelly Zombie - F
Barrel Roller Zombie - F
Firefighter - F
Tomb Raiser Zombie - F
Blowgun Imp - F
Walrus Rider - F
Cursed Gargolith - F
Zombot Aerostatic Gondola - F
Zombot Sharktronic Sub - F
Zombot Stomp - F
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PvZH Survey Results (Best Hero Decks)

The results are in! With 59 responses, you’ve voted and shared your takes on every hero’s best deck, and today is the day in which we outline the responses to see the community’s view on each hero’s strongest deck.
I will be going over each hero and listing their Top 3 voted decks, and at the end, I’ll link an imgur album full of every deck that achieved the number 1 spot!
Before I start, I’d like to mention that I have omitted a few responses due to them being stuff like “idk” or “no” (which I outlined against in the directions), and comments that didn’t pertain to the actual survey in the questions (besides the last question).
Anyways, without further ado, let’s see what we’ve got here!

Green Shadow:

  1. Beans (8 votes)
  2. Freeze (9 votes)
  3. Rings (24 votes)
For Green Shadow, the responses were clear that rings is the go to deck for Green Shadow. Freeze and Beans were neck to neck for 2nd and 3rd respectively. Green Shadow’s access to Rotobaga, Snapdragon, and Shellery, to name a few, puts an interesting take onto the Rings gameplan.

Solar Flare:

  1. Swarm, Mushrooms, Budget Aggro (2 votes)
  2. Aggro (45)
Solar Flare has a very clear best deck according to everyone, so much so that we had a 3 way tie for 2nd best deck, with the rest of the votes being one-off votes! Some of these include Ramp, Molekale, and Control! Anyways, Solar Flare has a very aggressive deck filled with high strength minions that’ll shred through opponents’ health. Solar’s Strikethrough helps get the damage done alongside Kabloom’s high strength plants.


  1. Burst and 3-Nut (7 votes)
  2. Heal (12 votes)
  3. Aggro (16 votes)
Wall-Knight cut it a bit closer with votes, but his aggro deck has come on top. Like Solar Flare, Wall-Knight has access to Solar’s Strikethrough trait, combined with some aggressive cards like Red Stinger in Guardian make for a really aggressive deck!


  1. Roots and Self-hurt (3 votes)
  2. Burst and Berries (10 votes)
  3. Aggro (17 votes)
Hmm... noticing a pattern here... Anyways, here comes Spudow coming on top with yet another aggro deck. Guardian, Solar, and Kabloom have some really good aggro cards, so it’s no surprise. Anyways, Spudow gets an aggressive package that’s a bit less costier than SF and WK, but is still a decent aggro deck nonetheless.


  1. Tempo and Ramp (3 votes)
  2. Aggro (4 votes)
  3. Rings (34 votes)
Mega-Grow comes back with yet another Ring deck victory. Chompzilla gets a unique take with Rings in the form of having cards such as Apple Saucer, Ketchup Mechanic, and even Lil’ Buddy for an interesting comeback kind of playstyle.

Captain Combustible

  1. Moss (11 votes)
  2. Potted (12 votes)
  3. Tempo (18 votes)
Captain C. brings back some close votes, but tempo comes out victorious. Captain Combustible gets some decent Kabloom options with Berry Blast and Imitater, while also having his powers to aid his tempo gameplan.


  1. Beans, Mushrooms, and Aggro (2 votes)
  2. Cyclecap (20 votes)
  3. Swarm (28 votes)
My oh my, some may not be happy here, but it is a community vote afterall. And the community has voted swarm as Nightcap’s best deck. Smarty’s team-up and aggressive cards blend well with Kabloom’s aggressive early game cards that can in the right hands end games in a matter of 3 or 4 turns!

Grass Knuckles

  1. Bullseye (6 votes)
  2. Tempo: (14 votes)
  3. Aggro (23 votes)
Grass Knuckles brings an interesting aggressive deck with the synergy between Guardian’s aggressive and team-up cards, along with Mega Grow’s ability to grow cards out of control. Vegetation Mutation is a standout card here, and offers for some unexpected amounts of damage!


  1. Freeze (7 votes)
  2. Control (12 votes)
  3. Midrange (30 votes)
A midrange deck finally falls upon this growing list of strong hero decks. Rose’s access to Rescue Radish allows her to replay cards such as Ketchup Mechanic, and other cards that allows her to effectively play the match however she pleases, whether that be aggressive or more controlling.


  1. Amphibious (6 votes)
  2. Control (14 votes)
  3. Burst (25 votes)
Citron rolls a burst deck onto this list. For those unaware, burst refers to burst damage, such as Pecanolith, which unexpectedly turns low damaging plants to high damaging highly durable plants. Citron can control the field and use that field to burst some damage to finish before opponents can catch up.

Beta Carrotina

  1. Roots (8 votes)
  2. Amphibious (16 votes)
  3. Aggro (19 votes)
Beta Carrotina cuts it close in the voting, but her aggro deck comes out first. Beta Carrotina’s powers allow for a more aggressive gameplan that can work with Guardian and Smarty’s cards. Citron’s powers are more suited for defensive / tempo kinds of strategies, so that’s why Beta focuses more on aggro.

Super Brainz

  1. Graves (3 votes)
  2. Science and Pirates (5 votes)
  3. Aggro (28 votes)
Aggro just keeps coming out on top, must be like the meta or something... Anywho, Super Brainz has an aggro deck full of aggressive on the move cards that can trade well, hit hard, or in general are just really good (Looking at you Cowboy).


  1. Raptor Aggro (11 votes)
  2. Standard Aggro (12 votes)
  3. Pirate (16 votes)
Alright so I have to explain this real quick. I counted these two aggro decks seperately because they are two different decks, but share the same archtype of aggro. This is the only time where this type of situation arises. With that out of the way, Pirates come aboard. Impfinity’s pirates combined with Crazy’s aggro cards can end up with a plunder of quick wins!

Electric Boogaloo

  1. Pet and Aggro (3 votes)
  2. Control (14 votes)
  3. Dancing (34 votes)
If you could believe it, Boogaloo only got 6 types of decks suggested, but so have a few more heroes down the list. Here, Electric Boogaloo fittingly has a dancing deck take the spotlight. For this, I combined responses that voted midrange and dancing, since this dancing deck is midrange. The decklist is also particularly new, with the recent additions of Biodome Botanist to allow Dancing cards to grow with ease, and Binary for an unexpected surprise!

The Smash

  1. Pets (8 votes)
  2. Sports (16 votes)
  3. Tempo (24 votes)
Nice set of votes there. Very arithematic! The Smash makes his entrance with a tempo deck to add onto this list. His access to the bulky set of Hearty and Beastly cards gives him a solid tempo gameplan, and one of the only instances of Zombot Battlecruiser being run!


  1. Sports (10 votes)
  2. Science (18 votes)
  3. Trickster (23 votes)
It was about time before everyone’s favorite 10 cost haha card appeared. Rustbolt brings a Trickster deck onto the scene. His tools of removal offers for a dominant control game, where he’s got literally everything but the Kitchen Si... wait no, he runs that too!

Brain Freeze

  1. Imps (2 votes)
  2. Pets (16 votes)
  3. Pirates (38 votes)
Brain Freeze blew it out of the park in terms of voting. It’s crystal clear to see what deck is his shining one. Brain Freeze brings an arsenal of pirates with the help of Area 22 and Interstellar Bounty Hunter to do some serious Frenzy damage for a quick win.

Professor Brainstorm

  1. Valkster (12 votes)
  2. Valk (14 votes)
  3. Dancing (17 votes)
For those wondering, Trickster was in 4th with 8 votes. Anyways, Professor Brainstorm is always known for his usage with Valkyrie and Trickster to an extent, but his top deck according to you guys is actually a dancing deck! Teleporting and the help of Moonwalker give this dancing deck a packful of damage to burn through!


  1. Pets (6 votes)
  2. Trickster (12 votes)
  3. Science (25 votes)
Immorticia ironically having the feats of science bring her best deck to fruition. Beastly has some great science cards like Interstellar Bounty Hunter and Supernova Gargantuar that help make for a solid tempo deck.


  1. Zoo (6 votes)
  2. Control (11 votes)
  3. Graves (27 votes)
Neptuna washes along with a plethora of gravestones to come out on top. Sneaky’s gravestones combined with the power of Going Viral allow for her filled board to breakthrough and take the game!


  1. Swarm and Sports (4 votes)
  2. King (7 votes)
  3. Zoo (34 votes)
Z-Mech brings some heavy artillery... but instead saves that in turn for playing minions aplenty. The ability for Hearty to spread the field with little minions and buff them combined with Crazy’s early game cards allows for some swift victories!

Huge Gigantacus

  1. Aggro (7 votes)
  2. Science (10 votes)
  3. Conjure (23 votes)
And last we end up with none other than everyone’s favorite hero, Huge Gigantacus. A lot of spark about what this hero can do, but it seems that everyone thinks that he’s great at conjuring stuff and letting it go is his best deck. For the deck, it was pretty difficult to choose, since Conjure decks are pretty flexible and undefined. However, I decided to choose a deck from Plyergamer27, in which he theorycrafted the most optimal conjure deck, alongside my assistance.
And with that, here’s all the decks compiled into a nice album!
Link to Decks (Note: Most decks were taken from the Discord Server’s Deck-Database, a community driven compilation of decks for each hero.)
So, what do you think? Do you agree with what was voted on? Do you think a hero has an even better deck not listed? I encourage any and all discussion down below in the comments! Just, be sure to keep it civil and respectful.
Well, that’s all folks! Thank you all for participating for those who did, and everyone else taking time to read this. I’ve got more surveys I want to conduct in the future, so expect more in the coming months!
submitted by Snap717 to PvZHeroes [link] [comments]

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