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How did Vitalik Buterin get so good at the development of blockchains and cryptocurrencies?

I mean, according to his wikipedia he was 17 when he founded bitcoin magazine and then 2 years later he was able to develop Ethereum?
Vitalik, if you're reading this, I'd love some insight on the path you took in developing Ethereum. What did you practice and/or study to be able to develop a now 30 billion dollar market after 2 years of discovering cryptocurrencies?
I do know Mihai Alisie, Anthony Di Iorio, and Charles Hoskinson were a big part in development, but since you are the buzzname around the development of Ethereum, any insight would be so cool and helpful to learn about!
Thanks man!
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Anthony Di Iorio  Blockchain Futurist Conference 2018 Anthony Di Iorio, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada Anthony Di Iorio Ethereum Co Founder Interviewed By Tai ... A BitcoinMKE Hangout On Air featuring: Anthony Di Iorio and Michael Dunworth Anthony Diiorio, Ethereum  Polycon 2018

Anthony Diiorio is an astute investor in disruptive decentralized technology startups. His investments span a wide range of sectors and tend to focus on early-stage investments backing entrepreneurs motivated to use blockchain technology to disrupt large markets. Anthony made his first large investment into Bitcoin in 2012. Bitcoin billionaire Anthony Di Iorio has big plans for his new $21 million penthouse, and even bigger ones for his company's new office space on the Toronto waterfront. Then he thought about a new, improved platform that could be built on the basis of Bitcoin. Buterin assembled a team (Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilk, Charles Hoskinson, Anthony Di Iorio, and others) and set to work. 2014 . January 23. Buterin announced Ethereum in an article titled ‘Ethereum: now going public’. Anthony Diiorio’s location shows Toronto, Canada. He has a relatively low amount of followers and he is following few Twitter accounts. Features . 1. The Twitter accounts which Anthony Diiorio is following, are majorly that of crypto businessmen, crypto professionals, news outfits, celebrities and a host of others . 2. Anthony Di Iorio founds and is elected first Executive Director of the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada (now “Chamber of Digital Commerce Canada”) Kryptokit is conceived and development begins. Kryptokit becomes the first Bitcoin wallet browser extension on release.

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Anthony Di Iorio Blockchain Futurist Conference 2018

Find All Tai Lopez Courses Here + My Bonuses for using my link - Get Access to My YouTube Ranking Master Class Here - https://davi... Anthony Di Iorio, Founder & CEO of Jaxx & Decentral and Co-Founder of Ethereum, sits down with John Furrier and Dave Vellante for Blockchain Futurist Toronto from Rebel Entertainment Complex in ... First, Anthony Di Iorio, Fiduciary Founder of Ethereum (to be announced at the Miami Bitcoin Conference this weekend!), Founder and Partner of KryptoKit (a slim and easy, in-browser, bitcoin ... Anthony Di Iorio is using his newfound wealth to add virtual tech assistants to his life. This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue

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