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I just donated 30,000 bitcoins worth of doge coins to the atheist jamaican bobsledding team AMA

will answer anything
edit: really gold?
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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 72 - On TalleDOGEa

Hey all, GoodShibe here!
Wow! I can honestly say: I did not see that one coming.
It's kind of funny, I was just recently voted onto the mod team of /Dogecoin_PR and we've been working to get this thing set up for you all, to help you get your PR needs sorted and organized... and then, BAM!
You all just went and did it yourself.
For those not sure what I'm talking about, it apparently started with a user named unicorn_butt_sex and his passionate, well-thought out idea -- which you can read here
If you haven't read his writeup, I really suggest you take a few minutes to do it.
Because I know I've seen more than a few people rolling their eyes and going 'NASCAR?? Really?'
Some complaining that it's an 'American' sport.
I've even seen a few comments talking about how NASCAR and Dogecoin don't mix - as if, somehow we're 'wasting our time' appealing to the 'wrong kind of people'.
Please, my friends, let's not fall back on old stereotypes and prejudices.
Give his words a read and understand that this isn't 'helping NASCAR' any more than helping the Jamaican Bobsled team was 'helping The Olympics'.
Josh Wise's story is an Underdoge story, just as much as it was with our Jamaican friends, just as much as it was with Shiva Kesevan and Himanshu Thakur and Nadeem Iqbal.
From the above, linked post:
"I realized that the driver of the number 98 Chevrolet SS, Josh Wise was sponsorless. He was racing the wheels off the car. He was fighting his underfunded teams car like he stole it. Sadly the car was just black with no sponsors."
This is a guy with almost no backing, in a sport that eats money for breakfast, driving his heart out, doing his best and actually holding his own with the best of them.
"There are two major races that are very exciting and people are digging to watch. The track name? Talladega. It is known for its big one and it's exciting. Now imagine a Doge. A Doge that is going 200 MPH into victory lane. Anyone can win Dega. Underfunded or not, for example last years race where David Regan and the underfunded team brought home the win."
I've been doing some research on Mr. Wise - I'm not normally a fan of NASCAR... but I wasn't a fan of bobsledding or cross-country skiing either - and he seems like a real, decent guy who legitimately loves what he does. His team is dedicated and hard-working.
Now, granted, we're not 'helping Mr. Wise get to Sochi' here in the same sense. It does seem like they can afford to run their car. But there's something about running a sponsor-less car out there in a world where big names fight to slap their patches on the best drivers.
To be out there, going it alone, knowing that a single crash can ruin everything -- still giving it your all, despite the danger?
That takes some real grit and heart.
Because these folks aren't exactly 'speed-walking' out there.
When it seems like almost no one in the racing world's got your back, wouldn't it be cool to show that Dogecoin does?
This is the #98 car he's racing
This is one of the proposed ideas for the 'wrap' that we would have at Talledega.
The idea, all by itself, has already generated quite a few news stories - and some serious support, with over 6 Million DOGE raised in less than 24 Hours.
The idea has clearly got legs -- posts on both /NASCAR and /Dogecoin have been lighting up the charts -- so what are our concerns? Really?
If our goal is to get as many people involved with Dogecoin as possible, to spread the net wide and be the digital currency that lowers the entry ramp for anyone to get involved, then this is exactly proof of concept.
Heck, this is where we rule.
And I can pretty much guarantee you Bitcoin and Litecoin aren't chasing this train.
They're out there chasing 'serious business'.
Wouldn't it be kind of cool if NASCAR fans bought Dogecoin just to contribute to this campaign. Maybe kept some to tip their favorite musicians? Help support some local, home-grown talent?
Because it was fun.
And what if, heck, some of them showed up here and realized there's a fun, welcoming, kind, compassionate community waiting for them?
The time is going to come where our doors swing wide and the rest of the world is going to pick up Dogecoin and run with it.
Where crowds of people from all walks of life, from all around the world, are going to find us and want to take part.
And I look forward to that day, with all my heart - because that's how we get to the moon.
Until then, do NASCAR cars run on Rocket Fuel?
Let's find out.
If you'd like to donate to the campaign, it looks like is up and running. This isn't being backed by the Dogecoin Foundation, but Moolah_ and his team have stepped up to run and hold the Donation wallet.
It's 8:46AM EST and we're at 62.05% of DOGEs found. Our Global Hashrate is on a slight decline from ~72 to ~70 GigaHashes per second and our Difficulty has been see-sawing between a low of ~762 and a high of ~1198.
As always, I appreciate your support!
EDIT: To those still not sure, let me share this - a comment I made below:
I think it will be good for us for a load of reasons - it's great to have a charitable side but this is something that just seems flat-out fun!
These two worlds coming together is something that is so weird at first glance and yet, once you know the story, it makes total sense.
Dogecoin is going to have many facets, and not all of the community will always support all of them... and that's fine.
But I don't think we should shy away from something that has the potential to put Dogecoin out into a whole new marketplace -- to be the very first Digital currency that some of these folks may have ever heard of.
Bitcoin is big largely because it was first - its got the most name recognition... amongst people who know about it.
This is a chance for Dogecoin to not only be 'the first', it's a chance to connect with a whole swath of people in an arena that matters to them, supporting a driver and team who, frankly, seem like some really good people.
I have a sense that people hear 'NASCAR' and they think the same thing that people think when they hear 'Cryptocurrency'.
A general 'why the heck would I have anything to do with that??'
Because... well, it's fun. And, uh, you might like it?
When you really stop and think about it, Dogecoin and NASCAR have a heck of a lot in common:
EDIT 2: For those Shibes still looking to give to a Charity and help people in need, bassguitarman has set up Shibes for Haiyan to help victims in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan!
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We need to keep voting for Josh Wise.

The NASCAR sponsorship is going to do us a huge favor in the long run. It, like the Jamaican bobsledding team, will be remembered as one of the great achievements of Dogecoin. It will help us to take off by giving us very visible publicity.
This is why we need to take hold of the opportunity and stretch it as far as we can. We have the numbers to ensure Josh Wise wins the Sprint Fan Vote and has an additional race. We have the cooperation of the Bitcoin community, as this will help them, too.
But we need to keep going. We can't rest until the vote is done and Josh stands on top. Every single day, all of us should be voting at least a few times for Josh. Alone, we might not make much of a difference, but together, I know we can do it. If you can see this, you should be voting. Yes, that means you.
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Economic Geography articles about Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies?

Are there any scholarly articles written by geographers about Bitcoin? I feel like the potential global impact of cryptocurrencies in general is very clear, but I can't seem to find anything focusing on how geography is related to Bitcoin. The closest thing I can find is media articles talking about things like the dogecoin funding of the Jamaican bobsledding team.
Anyone know of any geography journals that have had articles on the topic?
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Dogecoin - From joke cryptocurrency to Bitcoin rival Jamaican Bobsledding in Jamaica DOGECOİN KAZANDIRAN 2 SİTE BİTCOİN KRALI Jamaican Bobsled Song INSANE JAMAICAN BOBSLED

Dogecoin made headlines in 2014 when it was used as a tool to help send the Jamaican bobsledding team to the Winter Olympics (it finished in last place). Bitcoin is a digital or virtual A Jamaican bobsled fan launched a campaign on Crowdtilt to pool funds for the team from sympathetic fans and, before long, the startup got wind of the campaign, as did the team’s president In just a few days, they donated approximately $30,000. [4] Combined with two other crowd-funding campaigns that raised $20,000 and $6,000, a total of $56,000 has been raised for the team. [5] Now the Jamaican bobsledding team can participate in the Sochi Winter Olympics, in part thanks to the notorious Doge. The Jamaican bobsledding team qualified for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, but did not have the resources for training, equipment or travel expenses. It relied on crowd funding. Many people donated in the form of a digital currency called Dogecoin. The demand for Dogecoin lifted the price by nearly 50% against the more widely known Bitcoin. The Jamaican bobsledding team qualified for the 2014 Sochi Olympic Games, but did not have the resources for training, equipment or travel expenses.It relied on crowd funding.

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Dogecoin - From joke cryptocurrency to Bitcoin rival

I first heard this song on my local Rock station in 1988. I was a kid then and I laughed my ass off at it. My local station used to play this quite often on their morning show into the early 90's. But over the past seven weeks Dogecoin has evolved from a bit of a joke to the fifth most valuable cryptocurrency in the world and has just helped to send both the Jamaican bobsleigh team and an ... Cool Runnings- 06. The Wailing Souls - Jamaican Bobsledding Chant Greennyah Reggae Music ... Rocksteady! (Volume 1) The Roots Of Reggae - Jamaican Music Compilation - Duration: 1:10:54. Jimbo ... Jamaican Bobsledding is famous, who would have thought that a group of guys from a tropical island could make it to the Winter Olympics? Well they did and at this bobsledding experience, you'll ... Super cool 4 way skydive bobsled version. Had tons of fun! Falling at 201 MPH!!! This video is exclusively managed by Caters News. To license or use in a commercial player please contact info ...

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