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WTB Bitcoin Nano (NANO) and New Bitcoin (NBTC)

PM if interested to discuss price, must use escrow if you aren't known. If you're a well known user with a good rep I can send first.
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Visualizing HTLCs and the Lightning Network’s Dirty Little Secret

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Bitcoin vs Satoshi: A different way to think

have a theory.. I am curious to get others opinions of it.

long story...
I was having a debate with a fellow crypto enthusiast like myself we did not see eye to eye.
I feel like the general public is having a hard time accepting the value of a bitcoin due to the fact of its unobtainability for most. People don't want to give up 100s to 1000s of one thing to get a fraction of another like bitcoin. They have grown up thinking a fraction of something is very little and not valueable but for Bitcoin it is not the case.
We all know that a Bitcoin can be broken down into something as small as a Satoshi.
Why not use this as the base measure instead of a Bitcoin which is the largest?

I feel people would be a lot more willing to accept using a currency when your talking about it in a whole value like Satoshi and not a fractional value like a Bitcoin. I think this is possibly why mass adoption really hasn't occurred. Why not buy/sell/exchange in Satoshi. Or even possibly come up with a name for something in between a Bitcoin and a satoshi

I believe a lot more people would be amenable spending $1 for 18000 satoshi (18ksat) or 18uBTC than for 0.00018 BTC
The link below you can play around with converting

I believe it will be much more important to think like this when Bitcoin becomes $100,000 and more a coin. We need a more mass population acceptable unit of measure for bitcoin for an easier mass adoption
or maybe something like this could work
1 Satoshi = 1sat
10 Satoshi = 10sat
100 Satoshi = 100sat 1,000 Satoshi = 1ksat
10,000 Satoshi = 10ksat
100,000 Satoshi = 100ksat
1,000,000 Satoshi = 1Msat
10,000,000 Satoshi = 10Msat
100,000,000 Satoshi = 1BTC
or we could take out the fractions out of Bitcoin by doing it a similar way 0.00000001 bitcoin = 10 nBTC
0.00000010 bitcoin = 100 nBTC
0.00000100 bitcoin = 1 uBTC
0.00001000 bitcoin = 10 uBTC
0.00010000 bitcoin = 100 uBTC
0.00100000 bitcoin = 1 mBTC
0.01000000 bitcoin = 1 cBTC
0.10000000 bitcoin = 1 dBTC
1.00000000 bitcoin = 1 BTC
Long story short is we need a way to measure a unit of Bitcoin not as a fraction but as a whole number which the general public could much more easily accept.
Agree or disagree or how would be a good way to implement something ?
What are your thoughts, ideas or comments on this topic?
Edit 1BTC = # of Satoshi
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* Added yellow flag warning to Monero Original (XMO) and Monero Classic (XMC) for being the same blockchain as another. At present, moving coins on one moves coins on the other.
* Added new planned hybrid fork Bitcoin Prime (BPR) - promised to be forking from Primecoin at a TBD date with an additional 1:1 airdrop for BTC holders
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* added Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) deposits - was previously trading trapped coins.
* Added record for SAFE (SAFE) deposit and trading at not previously tracked
* Bitpie Wallet now supports BitcoinX (BCX)
* Added more complete details for Big Bitcoin (BBC) - bitcoin_fork_claimer now supports it
* Marked Bitcoin Clean (BCL) as now live (bitcoin_fork_claimer now supports). Also added yellow flag it appears to have problems with replay protection as discovered by u/ymgve
* Marked Bitcoin God (GOD) as now live as bitcoin_fork_claimer now supports it and found a node somewhere
* bitcoin_fork_claimer now supports New Bitcoin (NBTC)
* Added,, KTrade, Bithuex exchanges - appears to support Big Bitcoin (BBC) but we had trouble either creating an account and finding functional dialogs for depositing coins
* Added exchange which appears to support deposits and trading for Big Bitcoin (BBC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Ethereum Classic (ETC) and we had no trouble registering. Appears to not require KYC other than providing a name and ID card number.
* Added red flag warning to exchange since multiple people reported not getting any balances of Big Bitcoin (BBC) credited after depositing.
* Moved ABitcoin (ABTC) to Historical section since the registered airdrop is over. Also, the project rebranded to ABitchain.
* Now tracking eInc (ETI) - also known as Ethereum Inc. This is an Ethereum fork with a 1:1 ratio but also fairly hefty premine and an additional crowdsale. It has been know for a while, but there is a lot more information now.
* Removed the Registered Airdrop classification to BitCore (BTX) since their last airdrop has now completed. Since passive BTC holders were credited it will permanently remain on our main listing as a passive airdrop.
* Added Systemkoin exchange. KYC required, trades Bitcoin Private (BTCP), Bitcoin Gold (BTG) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) against BTC, and Turkish lira
* Added new basic fork: Smart Bitcoin (SBC) - 1:1 fork on 2018-04-20. Different than previous Bitcoin Smart (BCS) fork from a while ago.
* Bitfinex added Bitcoin Interest (BCI) deposit and trading support. WARNING - this coin still has replay protection issues with Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
* Added Crex24 exchange, strong KYC does not appear necessary for withdrawal. Deposit and trade or Bitcoin Diamond (BCD), Bitcoin Gold (BTG), BitCore (BTX) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
* Added Bitibu exchange - KYC not required for withdrawal. Deposit and trading for BitCore (BTX), Bitcoin Atom (BCA) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG).
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* Added coinmarketcap link for Bitcoin Interest (BCI) and added the price feed from coinmarketcap on our main page.
* HitBTC added Bitcoin Private (BTCP) support for deposit and trading
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there are about 10 fork coins ready to dump, where to sell them?

Now, where to sell them?
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WTS about 250 BT2/BTT/GOD/BCI/BCP, 460 NBTC, 23000 BTH/WBTC & 2 mil BTSQ

I have the following on running Core software, ready for immediate trade:
Bitcoin 2 (BC2): 250
Bitcoin Top (BTT): 230
Bitcoin Interest (BCI): 252
Bitcoin God (GOD): 230
Bitcoin Parallel (BCP): 230
New Bitcoin (NBTC): 460
World Bitcoin (WBTC): 23600
Bitcoin Hot (BTH): 23000
Bitcoin Community (BTSQ): 2,470,000
Buy them all for a package deal or just one, pm me.
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/r/BitcoinAirdrops is the place to go for all the BTC Forks.

Did you know that you can count on /BitcoinAirdrops to help you will all your need on BTC Forks?
Instructions on how to claim and informations about all the forks.
As of now, there are a lot of BTC forks to claim.
Ticker Name Block
CLAM CLAMs 300377
BCH Bitcoin Cash 478558
BTG Bitcoin Gold 491407
BTX BitCore 492820
UBTC United Bitcoin 494000
BCD Bitcoin Diamond 495866
SBTC Super Bitcoin 498888
BCX BitcoinX 498888
BICC BitClassic Coin 498888
BTP Bitcoin Pay 499345
BTW Bitcoin World 499777
LBTC Lightning Bitcoin 499999
BTF Bitcoin Faith 500000
BITE BitEthereum 500283
BTN Bitcoin New 501000
BTT Bitcoin Top 501118
FBTC FastBitcoin 501225
NBTC New Bitcoin 501225
BCP Bitcoin Cash Plus 501407
B2X Segwit2X 501451
BPA Bitcoin Pizza 501888
BTV BitVote 505050
BCI Bitcoin Interest 505083
BCA Bitcoin Atom 505888
BTCH Bitcoin Hush 507089
BTCP Bitcoin Private 511346
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Not too long ago a currency for country of 70 million people had a decimal point problem similar to Bitcoin's. This is how they dealt with it:

Revaluation of the Turkish Lira
In a nutshell, the Turkish government just chopped off 6 zeros, and 1,000,000 Turkish Lira became 1 New Turkish Lira.
Then a few years after they just dropped the "New" and started calling it the Turkish Lira again. Case closed.
I like this solution better than mucking about with Satoshis or Millies or Vanillies. The people want Bitcoin, plain and simple.
Move the decimal point right a few spots, call it NBTC, then down the road just drop the "N". Sure this will create a few train wrecks at first, but better sooner than later.
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Can we throw out the word satoshi and use bit instead?

It makes no sense. It confuses people. When explaining Bitcoin, wouldn't it be much easier to say that a Bitcoin is made up of 100,000,000 bits instead of 100,000,000 satoshis?
If the price goes up high enough then we don't have to worry about cBTC, mBTC, uBTC, nBTC or any of that, we can just talk about everything in bits. It just makes a lot more sense to me.
I have nothing but respect for Satoshi (whoever they really are...) but it's an unfortunate word that has no business being the name of a currency. If anything, a satoshi should be something higher like 100 or 1000 BTC.
Anyone else agree?
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Radical new naming convention idea: 1 bitcoin = 1 billion 'itcoins'

1 BTC = 1 bitcoin = 1 billion 'itcoins'
1 mBTC = 1 'mitcoin' = 1 million 'itcoins'
1 µBTC = 1 'kitcoin' = 1 thousand 'itcoins' = 100 satoshis (unfortunately, 'titcoin' likely won't cut it, although I leave this one up for debate)
1 satoshi = 10 'itcoins'
1 nBTC = 1 'itcoin'
1 kBTC = 1 'tritcoin' = 1 trillion itcoins
1 MBTC = 1 'quadcoin' = 1 quadrillion itcoins
Advantages include:
Disadvantages (both minor):
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