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[meta] Different ways to transfer money and backup plans.

Primary advice, sign up for accounts you may need before you are stuck, or if you plan on helping, as often it takes 5-10 days to fully verify and delimit your account, so that you can upload funds, withdraw, receive etc.
Digital Currencies, they can be an investment, and they hold their rates very well, particularly Liberty Reserve, Webmoney-Z and bitcoins. If you have some free funds ($10+), buy some of these digital currencies, then if and when you're stuck, you can turn them back to whichever currency you use in day to day life, there are a lot of exchangers available online.
Moneybookers and Paypal, both of which allow online transfers, if you are in the US then a paypal account will let you get a debit card which is tied to your account, letting you spend the money in your paypal instantly, or withdraw up to $400 from an ATM. If you're in the UK or Europe, then Moneybookers offer a similar service (and also have escrow, which is great for those who work online, or who need to do exchanges between currencies). related tip, if you're outside of the US and have a good friend in the states, who has a paypal debit card, then you can paypal funds to them, ask them to withdraw and to western union or moneygram to you, that way you can get money out of paypal and in to cash in an hour or two, it'll cost you loads in fees, but can be worth it. Conversely, the same goes for moneybookers, if you're elsewhere in the world and have funds in moneybookers, and friend in the UK/europe with a moneybookers mastercard, then the same thing can be done
update paypal now offer a paypal access card to people in the UK, allowing instant access to your paypal funds (mastercard, like moneybookers).
Pre-paid mastercard/visa, most useful as a backup, and allows them to be topped up over the web from another card. Definitely advised.
Get a bank account, if you're in the UK you can ask for a "basic bank account" (anybody can get, but you need to sign up in person at the branch or post office) which will give you a visa electron debit card and allow you to send and receive money. For same day transfer you want either CHAPS, Faster Payments, interbranch transfer between two accounts with the same bank institution, or cash deposit. Unsure if there is the equivalent in the US, perhaps somebody can confirm.
Transfer services, for online use, XOOM is great for transfers across borders and in to a bank account, for getting cash then Moneygram or Western Union, moneygram being the cheaper of the two, western union being the more prolific. Fee's are high, but the services are ultra quick (minutes).
Paypal withdrawal in the UK: paypal have a slightly hidden withdrawal option, in the menu at the top there is "withdraw" which shows a drop down with one option "transfer to bank account", rather than clicking that, click withdraw itself at the top, and it gives you two options, a normal withdraw to bank account, and then a faster withdraw to bank account, which costs £5 but gets the money there in 1-2 working days, rather than 3-4.
If you are in the UK and really super stuck for a larger amount, £100+, then there are three payday loan services which almost anybody with any proof of income can get, self employed too, but the rates are v high. In a branch of "the money shop", online at "", or for the very sure they can repay, "lending stream", find them online - all three can get money to you in an hour or two. I've ordered them by APR too, typical rates are £17-30 per hundred pounds. You need a bank account, proof of income, and a debit card for all three though. Lendingstream don't particularly care about proof of income though, but they do a £1 charge to verify your debit card.
All in, the best advise is to be your own lender, stick some money away where it's hard, but not impossible, to get - and only use when you're in a situation critical enough to bring you here.
Hope that helps somebody!
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How to Buy Bitcoin with Paypal - #1 Easiest Way to Buy BTC with ZERO FEES Instantly!

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