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[TECH] Experiments in enhanced human emotional intelligence

Following groundbreaking research by American firm MindTech, a number of other companies, universities, think tanks and NGOs have confirmed interest in investigating the emotional intelligence and other intelligences of hunter-gatherer societies. Under the umbrella of ForwardMind, the corporation that owns MindTech and is now directing the research, a whole set of experiments have begun to investigate how they can enhance the emotional intelligence of young children from hunter-gatherer societies.
In total, trials of 75 different children from multiple societies across the planet will be conducted. Broadly split into (x) categories, the trials will seek to first measure their level of emotional intelligence, enhance it using exercises and then test their enhanced level of emotional intelligence.



These set of tests use objective analytical methods for subjects to complete tasks, hoping to induce them into thinking the same way as others and read objective facts from their emotional states.
The main form of measurement utilised by MindTech attempts to use Zener Cards as a means to measure human emotional intelligence. The measurement is described as the "Zener Gap" - over a long run of testing, what is the gap between the expected (20%) and actual result achieved by subjects? While currently the mean gap is 7%, and the median gap is 6%, and the highest gap (UQ) is 12% in urban societies, the gaps in hunter gatherer children is 11%, 10% and 17% respectively.
Another set of tests will be based on a modified form of the Ganzfield Experiments. While the Ganzfield experiments are based on no more than pseudoscience, the tests will use similar methods. A sensory deprived individual will be isolated for no more than half an hour, and during this period the researcher will create a 'profile' from a binary choice form. For example, one possible form might be a list of four colours, such that:
and then after the researcher has picked the colours, the subject must attempt to procure the colours from analysing the subtle emotional cues and undertaking similar thought processes as the researcher.
A similar set of tests will instead seek to 'forward push' their thinking. Two subjects will meet, briefly discuss, and then fill out a set of forms. Their objective, having only met and briefly discussed with no prior knowledge of each other, is to fill out the same result on each others forms. Similar to the modified Ganzfield experiment, but with the intention of provoking similar emotional states between the two.


These tests seek to test the ability of subjects to glean additional information from limited sources based on the emotions and behaviours of prepared tests.
The emotional gleaning tests will pit a person in a highly charged emotional state in front of the subject. They will then describe a limited scenario with an emotionally charged situation - perhaps they were fired from their job, or cheated on by a lover. From this limited scenario, the subject must then fill out a form describing not only the experience they directly heard, but also additional information not described but gleaned from the emotional state of the tester.
For example, should the person have a tick, and seem to often touch their face, and slightly cower when they described their loved one, the subject may deduce that they were beat by this person. Through only analysing subtle emotional cues and limited information, the subjects may be able to reveal significant amounts of information.
The subjects will meet a tester and interview them for a period of an hour, with both prepared questions and ones they can think of. Following this test, the tester will complete a simple set of puzzles and questions. Without observing the tester take these questions, the subject must predict what options, routes and methods the tester will take while completing the puzzles (after the subject themselves completes the puzzles). This will help test the ability of subjects to predict the actions of others based on limited interactions.
Similarly to the prior tests, subjects will meet with testers and interview them. Instead of a set of stimulating mental puzzles though, afterwards the tester will begin to administrate a series of rigorous physical competitive games, where the subject can only win by predicting the behaviour of the tester first. For example, they might have to guess which goal a ball is thrown at, which hand the researcher will strike with, or which tool the researcher will use. This will help test their ability to read body language and emotional states and how that can interact with physical behaviour.


Numerous methods will be undertaken to enhance the emotional intelligence of subjects and to hopefully see all improvements in testing.


Subjects will take between half an hour and two hours of time in a sensory deprivation tank. The intention is to deprive their brain of all interaction, causing a great desire to interact with other humans and to stimulate the receptors in their brain, for example how you may perceive a light as brighter than it is when you have been in darkness for a while. Following a period of limited interaction, a sudden exposure to highly charged emotional states may help stimulate and enhance emotional intelligence if only temporary.


A modified version of MDMA, mixed with a number of linked antidepressants, and truth serum, will be concentrated in a single use 'empathy drug' which releases a huge amount of seratonin and dopamine, putting the subject into a temporary state of highly charged empathy. With this emotional state they may be far more receptive to other people's emotional states also, enabling them to read and understand others to a greater degree.


A period of serene, directed meditation will be undertaken, helping subjects look deep within themselves and analyse their own emotional states. By coming to terms with their own existence and being satisfied with their emotional states, they can glean information that is relevant to analyse other's emotional states and to themselves.
Alongside the directed meditation necessary to help induce this emotional state, subjects will also engage in a daily hour of meditation to generally increase their levels of calmness and emotional intelligence.


The most ambiguous of practices, 'self enhancement rituals' refers to a number of cultural practices and personal idioms used to help enhance emotional intelligence. The human brain is a fickle thing and is quite happy to give way to the placebo effect. If subjects are willing to believe a certain action they perform will enhance their emotional intelligence abilities, then all the power to them.
This represents a diverse set of practices indeed. From self-harm rituals, to wearing crude makeup from chalk, to shaving ones head, to going temporarily blind from staring at the sun, it sometimes seems like these methods make one less practical at tests than more. However, perhaps it is also a factor that by reducing one part of their sensory abilities, they gain another.
While the results continue to be tested, the researchers have high hopes. Should they continue to gain insight into how humans can enhance and improve their emotional intelligence, these methods may be trained, honed and used in all manners. From improving leadership to helping in competitive sports, the practices we take can help reveal an insight into the limitless powers of the human mind... and soul. Ultimately this is stuff a computer cannot do - these are the innate powers of the human mind. The brain is more than a set of neurons firing to be watched by a computer... this is the raw power of billions of years of evolution. The human experience is more than a microchip.
m: Quality of roll represents the ability to which we can hone the emotional intelligence. Should this be successful, we can continue quickly into sharpening and directing human emotional states for practical uses... even military ones, cause this is epic WP.
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