Software for Fast Harmonic Synthesis hsynth fast

2.3. The EGM2008 coe cients input le 4 2.4. Binary data les 4 3. How to run the software 5 4. Key components of the algorithm of code hsynth fast.f90 6 4.1. Gravimetric quantities represented in solid spherical harmonics 6 4.2. From spherical harmonics to ellipsoidal harmonics 10 4.3. Evaluation of gravimetric quantities in an ellipsoidal shell Recently I got the SRTM DEM from Cgiar,which based on WGS84/EGM96. and I merged the tiles to one tiff file. I want to get the WGS84 ellipsoidal heights. According the steps from the Arcgis Help 10.2 Earth Gravitational Model 2008 (EGM2008) The EGM84 and EGM96 are legacy products. Users are recommend to use the latest EGM from NGA, currently EGM2008. In 2020, NGA plans to release a new EGM, tentatively named EGM2020, where upon EGM2008 will become a legacy product. Because WGS84 has shifted over time, this geoid is best used in a relative fashion. Finland The FIN2000 geoid model can be used to transform ETRS89 ellipsoidal heights to the Finnish N60 height system. In Eye4Software Hydromagic Survey or Dredging, a geoid model is used to calculate the separation between the local vertical datum and the WGS84 ellipsoidal height returned by the GPS or RTK receiver. Each geoid model is in fact a simple binary file containing separation values in a regularly spaced grid.

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